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Sewn Together is a stunning work of art that seamlessly blends nature and design. Crafted from foraged rocks found in the New Mexican desert, this sculpture is a testament to the beauty of the natural world. The canvas of reclaimed wood creates a natural textural backdrop creating a unique and eye-catching design. Its smooth satin sheen finish adds a touch of elegance to this piece. Perfect for display in any modern home or office, Sewn Together is a one of a kind must-have for any art lover.


Additional Info:

Materials: Foraged stones, reclaimed wood, gold acrylic line work and a satin sheen.

Dimensions: 12" x 14" 

Wall mounting hardware and hanging wire installed on back making this piece able to hang seamlessly on the walls of your. home and office. 

Shipping includes professional packing. 


Sewn Together

SKU: 21554345656
$425.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price

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